How Carpet Cleaning Reduces Asthma and Allergies

Woman with allergy symptom blowing noseIf you or family members have allergies or asthma, then keeping carpets clean can reduce difficult symptoms. Individuals with asthma experience respiratory distress that can lead to needing treatments at a hospital. Alternatively, allergies to dust can cause you to have watery eyes, itchy skin or nasal congestion on a daily basis. There are several substances inside your home that will collect on carpet fibers to cause allergic responses or asthma attacks, but the good news is that you can prevent health problems with certain carpet-cleaning techniques offered by Carpet Cleaning Longview TX.

Do-It-Yourself Tip One: Vacuum a Home’s Carpets Frequently

You probably know that vacuuming your home’s carpets frequently is one of the best ways to remove pollen, dust and pet hair from the fibers. However, the type of vacuum cleaner you use can make a huge difference when trying to remove allergens from carpets. For optimal cleaning, buy a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter that will remove nearly 100 percent of the tiniest particles of dust or pollen. Make sure to change the HEPA air filter according to the manufacturer’s directions to have the best outcome while vacuuming a home’s carpets.

Do-It-Yourself Tip Two: Remove Spilled Substances Immediately

To keep your home’s carpet fibers as allergen free as possible, make sure to clean up spills of food, beverages and pet waste as quickly as possible. Not only does cleaning up spilled substances immediately prevent ugly stains, but also, it helps to avoid an additional buildup of debris on the wet surfaces. Debris such as household dust, pet hair and pollen will collect on the wet carpet fibers, creating a surface that has a lot of allergens that cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Have soft cloths, paper towels and cleansers ready to soak up spills of beverages, food and pet urine.

Do-It-Yourself Tip Three: Shampoo a Home’s Carpets Once a Month

In order to remove debris that collects deep inside a home’s carpet fibers, you must shampoo the surfaces once a month. It is a good idea to buy a quality carpet-shampooing machine that is easy to use. Choose a gentle cleanser to pour into the carpet shampoo machine in order to lift dirt from the fibers. You do not need to shampoo an entire home’s carpets at one time but can have a schedule to sanitize one room at a time.