Carpet Damage Caused by Pet Urine

Dog PeeDog and cat owning often begins with potty-training, yet even the best pets will sometimes have an accident that can damage your carpet or upholstery. Along with the unsightly stain, pet accidents can leave a odor that can be hard to remove without professional help. For this reason,  MDS Carpet  offers a guaranteed removal service that can ensure that no evidence of an accident is left behind.

Urine and Carpeting topic pet owner should know

1. Urine soaks into Fabric and Carpet Fibers Fast
Once urine accident has happen on the floor or your furniture, it seeps quickly to the back layer of upholstery. If this accident is on carpet, then it also begins to soak into the floor surface underneath. Many pets choose to urinate in the same location each time, and this can cause damage when it is done more than once.

2. Deep Below the Surface is where the Urine odor lives
Many home owners dab or scrub to remove pet odors, yet it is impossible to reach underneath with common household cleaning products to remove the source of the odor. The odor of urine can rise up through the wood, behind the walls of areas, even concrete that have been stained with a pet’s urine.

3. Urine Forms Crystals as It Sits
Once a pet waste has dried, it becomes harder to remove, and unfortunately, more stringent. This is because the urine evaporates and leaves dry crystals behind. As many owners have discovered, adding water to these crystals causes them to reconstitute. This is a common reason why pet urine odor tends to become stronger on humid days.

4. Permanent Damage can be cause by Pet Urine
Pet urine is not only annoying, but it can also damage your home’s value. Urine stains can change the pigment of carpeting, or remove the dye. Over time, the dried urine can also cause the carpet fibers to break down, leading to worn and frayed areas that are harder to repair.